Dry Chinese Wall

Chinese Drywall Testing

Chinese Drywall Testing

Chinese drywall was used in many Miami properties between 2001 and 2009, and has been linked to health issues and property damage. 

If you suspect that your property may have Chinese drywall, a Dry Chinese Walls Inspection from D&C Inspection Services can help you confirm the presence of the material and assess any associated damage.

Our inspectors will thoroughly conduct Roof Condition Inspection and provide a detailed report on any issues found, helping you determine the best course of action.

Elevate Your Peace of Mind with Our Chinese Drywall Testing

Problems from Chinese drywall can cause much trouble for your property. It can lead to metal parts corroding, harmful effects on electrical wires, and plumbing items getting worse over time. It is significant to employ experts for Chinese drywall testing in order to safeguard your property and avoid expensive repairs later on.

D & C Inspection Services is known for being dependable. We do more than test the Chinese drywall; we are here to protect your home and family as a trustworthy ally. Having many years of working in this field and a strong dedication to being excellent, we provide correct outcomes, advice that is tailored for each person, and a very calm feeling knowing everything is handled well. We use detailed testing ways that can find small bits of sulfur elements linked with Chinese drywalls so you can take early steps right away. Our services are available in many different areas of Florida including Old South, FL, Miami Dade,  FL, Monroe County, FL, and Palm Beach County, FL.

When you select our Chinese drywall testing, it means you are taking early actions for the safety of important things. These tests help in fulfilling rules set by authorities and also give papers that prove your careful efforts in keeping your building and people there safe. We know sometimes the budget can be tight, so we provide prices that are good for competition and clear bills to make sure it’s affordable without reducing the quality. Get in touch with us now!